Saturday, May 30, 2009

crazy random stuff

What is your favorite thing to do?
ape ape daa

Do you run around your house naked?

Would you rather play in the rain or have a water balloon fight?
aaaaa main hujan kott

What did you eat for breakfast?
makanan berkhasiat

Is your hair dyed and if so what color is it?
black saje ohh

What are your thoughts on the opposite sex?
doggy doggy,but i dont have a sex yet :)

How many piercings do you have?

How many tattoos do you have?

What is your dream job?
aku suka memasak atas kapal besar

Does it annoy you when people smack their food?
ape nie sial.!?

Do you talk to yourself?
bisikan hati,sometimes.hahaha

Have you ever stopped to pee on the side of the road?
malu lah sial.hahaha

Are you a germaphobe?
ape ni pukimak.!?

What is your favorite cartoon from the 80's?
transformers kott

Are you sexy?
sexy.?how do i look.?wawawawa

What happens when you smoke weed?
uihh x dapat nak bayangkan sebab aku x penah buat

Do you like candles?
candles sangat pun x boley.hahahhaa

If there was a party going on where would you be?

Do you know what a heartagram is?
i know.mcm HIM punye logo tu eh.?

Would you rather be eaten by a shark or a tiger?
makan dengan hamster

Did you graduate highschool?
belum lagi

What are you doing tonight?
playing dota dota dota dota dan dota lagi

Are you an alcoholic?
x doe.berdosa :)

If your boy/girlfriend cheated on you what would you do?
sepak pepet die.hahahaha

Where do you want to be right now?
di sebelah awek.hahahaha

Do you like the Wildboyz?

Tell the truth.. Do you watch porn?
yeah,surely ;p

Ever been to jail?
yeap.aku anak soleh :P

What is your favorite cd of all time?
cd blue.terbaekkk

Do you like to jumb off of things?
bapak ko ar.soalan merepek aje

Do you have kids? If not do you want them?
anak sedara.kalau da romen masa kawin,mesti la ada

Do you like lava lamps?
aku pun x tau apa tu lava lamps

Do you drink and drive?
drink.?kopi.pastu drive baru x ngantok.hahahaha

Who do you want to go on a road trip with?
friends - singapore masa cuti panjang maybe.awek(kalau ada) - adoo laa.hahahaha

What color is your carpet?
bilik aku x ada carpet

What is your best talent?
aku terer.hahahaha

Have you ever been in a fist fight?
oh penah.dgn adik aku

Do you want to punch someone right now?
ada.member aku yang mabuk mcm sial.

Who is your favorite band?
oh aku malas nak cite

Did you ever have a my buddy/kid sister doll?

Did you have a cabbage patch kid?

Have you done hardcore drugs?
im a drugXfree

Do you workout?

What does NKOTB stand for?
x la sial

What band do wish were still together?
tanye aku asal

Are you afraid of airplanes?
dulu ye la.hahaha

Do you like to annoy people?

How do you feel about Lysol?
Lysol.?bahalol penah la dengar

Where is your favorite place to be?
honeymoon ke serata dunia

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